La piazza come spazio educativo. L’esperienza della Summer School delle arti performative e cura della comunità, in: Filippo Gomez Paloma (a cura di), Embodiment & School. Lecce : Pensa Multimedia, 2020. ISBN: 978-88-6760-764-8

The small local community symbolically invests the village square. In this way it becomes the theatre of the main events and the most significant rituals for social and community life, it is an elective space of relationality (and therefore of social performance). Each community is characterized by its own daily rituals, fundamental moments of construction of the community sense. A particular case are the ‘cultural performances’ that constitute a sort of reflective mirror (with hermeneutical value) that is not a re-proposition of the existing. The performing arts, by virtue of their potential for involvement, where they propose themselves as a critique of given meanings, realize ’embodied simulation’ with reflexive value, capable of inducing change (community development).