Je-LKS Journal of e-Learning and Knowledge Society, Vol 12 – No 1 (2016), edited by Salvatore Colazzo and Ada Manfreda 
ISSN (online) 1971 – 8829 | ISSN (paper) 1826 – 6223

We aim to promote a reflection on the role of creativity in the development of conscious active citizenship, oriented towards social and technological innovation.
Digital media may accompany these processes of participation in social life, by providing expressive, relational and economic opportunities, and may allow practices of the so-called‘smart communities’.

The development of digital skills cannot be achieved without the development of strategic competences, namely competences about the understanding of the self, of context, and the placing of the self in context.

If the performing arts are conceived as activators of the sense of community, they can create, with the support of digital media, the conditions for achieving social innovation.

Our aim is to form professionals that combine interdisciplinary skills of different nature and character, such as: a) psycho-socio-educational competences; b) methodological skills aimed at the social development of communities; c) digital competences; d) design skills; and e) specific expertise in the field of performing arts.

Possible hypotheses for finding solutions, even if partial, have been attempted. At this point there is the need for a detailed survey in order to formulate an organic proposal (at least theoretically), which may guide the choices of policy makers.

The objective of this call for papers is to present the current state of research in the epistemological and methodological fields, and to highlight experimentations and case studies, which connect citizens, creativity, digital mediaand performing arts, with the prospect of creating smart communities.

Topics of interest include but are not limited to:
• Intervention methodologies for social innovation and the role of media
• Transmediality and creative processes
• Relationship between social innovation and technological innovation in the creation of smart communities
• Issues of training of professionals, to activate the community in the expanding Age of ICT.
• Best practices and case studies.

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