Ada Manfreda-Salvatore Colazzo, Performing arts, community empowerment and social innovation: a model of training-intervention-research, in CULTURAL HERITAGE AND LOCAL DEVELOPMENT LOCAL COMMUNITIES THROUGH HERITAGE AWARENESS AND GLOBAL UNDERSTANDING, edited by Luiz Oosterbeek & Fabio Pollice, Centro Universitario Europeo per i Beni culturali, Ravello 2014, supplemento a “Territori della Cultura” n. 18, ISSN: 2280-9376.


In this paper, we present a model of training-research-intervention whose purpose is to trigger community activation processes for the promotion of community empowerment and capabilities to favour development and social innovation.
The model is called ACL (Action Community Learning) and consists of a complex narrative-performative device, born from experiences primarily arising in the Summer School of Performing Arts and Community Care, which has been held for the last three years in the communities of the Salento region. >>> Leggi il saggio